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Irene & Josh

We worked with a few other agents before Liz, and what sets Liz apart is her experience as a real estate agent and genuine desire to get to know you and find the right home for your needs. Liz is extremely familiar with the bay area neighborhoods, yet is upfront about the unpredictability of the market here. She is honest and consistent, and advised us on how to prepare a winning offer on our house. Not all agents will listen to you or understand how to make your offer stand out. Thank you, Liz!

Mike & Jessica

The California housing market is viciously insane and it is hard to imagine navigating it to buy a home without someone experienced you can trust. You need a person with connections that knows the Bay Area. You need a person that will have your back when the negotiations kick into high gear. That person is Liz Rhodes. We were lucky enough to be referred to Liz and she got us into the first home that we put an offer on. She was able to do that because she had us prepared and guided us every step of the way. She connected us with the right mortgage broker and even collaborated with other real estate agents to find our dream home and help us close on it. With Liz it took 2 months to go from “We’re thinking of buying a house” to having the keys in our hands. Her experience really showed when she helped us beat out the other offers on the home with exactly the right counteroffer. The best part of working with Liz is she listens to you and is so pleasant to talk to. She will not twist your arm with a big sales pitch in the beginning. She will answer your questions first and figure out exactly what you are looking for. Lastly, Liz is still helping us even after we closed on our house. She recommended moving companies, contractors to do work, and even came to our old home to show us how to rent it out. She really does it all!


Liz Rhodes made buying a home a great experience for our family! Living on the East Coast during a pandemic made buying a home in California a bit of a challenge. Liz went above and beyond, making movies, getting extra pictures for us, and answering a TON of questions. Our new home is in a fabulous community, thanks to Liz. She even gave us excellent recommendations for painters, electricians, and contractors. Liz and her staff took great care to listen to what was important to us about our new home. We are so thankful and highly recommend Liz to help you find your next home.

Steve & Rachel

We first bought our house in the bay area many years ago using Liz and had an easy and straightforward process. Then, to our joy, we were so glad she was still working in the business when we approached her recently when it came time to sell. Liz handled the whole thing amazingly from start to finish. She knew just how to market, just how to price right and followed up with every single, little detail to get the job done. We did then, and we do now so heartily recommend Liz to anyone looking for a top notch, no nonsense, professional agent.

Paul S.

Prior to my home in Emerald Hills going on the market, I interviewed 10 Real Estate Agents. My home needed roof work, carpeting, exterior and interior painting, landscaping and handyman work. Liz and Michele came with a team and a budget, no one else came close to their level of professionalism and competence. They came in on time and under budget. I had already moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. I had confidence and peace of mind 800 miles away as they did the project management. When my home was ready to be put on the market, they had previously developed and then executed an outstanding marketing plan. Houses, internet coverage, videos, all first rate. My home sold in a tough off market period within 2 weeks. In my careers in the military and the corporate world I haven’t come across a team that could surpass their professional and expertise. Michele and Liz are women of honor and integrity, which is a rarity in the world today. We started as clients in a business relationship and ended as friends. I highly recommend them.

Brett M.

Liz is a fantastic realtor. She helped me purchase my first home in Palo Alto - there were 5 multiple offers and we took the prize. She really knows how to present you as a strong buyer. In addition, her reputation in the realtor community around this area is wide spread and very strong. This is important because it is a tight knit community; good realtors want to business with good realtors - when she goes into a deal, both parties know it is a solid deal and will be completed. In addition, her people skills are great. She listens and makes sure she is not pushing you into something that is not in your best interest. If she doesn't think either buying or selling is right for you, she will tell you. She is simply the best!

Scott S.

Liz handled the purchase of my home in Menlo Park in 2007. She did a spectacular job walking me through the process and handling all the negotiations. I could not have been happier. She really knows the peninsula real estate market and is a top-notch professional. I also have appreciated that she has kept in regular contact since the sale to see how I am enjoying the new home and offering great homeowner tips.

Jim L.

I have worked with many agents in the past and now I will only deal with Liz. She is honest and extremely knowledgeable on all aspects related to buying and selling homes in our unique local market. There is no way I would have been able to buy my house in Palo Alto without the expertise of Liz Rhodes. If you want to buy or sell a house in this market, you can't do better than Liz!

Paul R.

Liz is a dedicated professional who really knows the peninsula like the back of her hand. But her expertise extends far beyond that-if you need a home sold in Fresno she'll help you find someone of similar to help you. There are lots of real estate agents, but there is only one Liz Rhodes!


I highly recommend Liz. She have been extremely helpful in the process. She is knowledgeable and diligent, she is there for me any time. I was lucky to have had the opportunity working with her. I'm completely satisfied with her work.

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